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Do you have spiders and need them treated?

Cantip’s Pest Control offers an effective and safe spider control solution for homes and workplaces throughout the Bright area.

We are all generally familiar with spiders having 8 legs and usually associated with webs. However there are a hundreds of different species; some that should concern us and others that cause no harm.

Spiders are invertebrates (no skeleton) and grow by shedding their skin or cuticle. Their bodies are in 2 parts; head and abdomen. All spiders make silk and all spiders bite in order to feed. Some spiders have venom that is dangerous to man (Sydney funnel-web, Redback etc) and all spiders grow from an egg; some even carried on the back of the female. The female spider is normally larger than the male.

In domestic situations Redback spiders and Whitetails are generally regarded as harmful and whilst Huntsman spiders are large, fast and look menacing, the fact is no spider tends to bite unless provoked. Huntsman are actually very good predators of small insects in the home and clean up many unwanted biting insects.

Treatments can vary depending on property type and spider species presenting the problem or risk. These can involve treating internal areas only, external areas only, or more complete treatments to target all spider species by treating internal areas, external areas, roof and wall voids, sub-floor areas and garden areas, including fences.

In most cases you do not even need to vacate the property during or after the treatment, and treatments typically remain effective for many months.