Silverfish Control Corryong

Silverfish Control CorryongHave you ever seen small silver color insects throughout your house? These are nothing but insects that belong to the category of arthropods and are the common pests in Corryong. They continuously roam around the building in search of new food and moisture.

Silverfish is a non-winged insect that prefers to live in quiet, less disturbed areas such as within ceiling insulations, book shelves, built in wardrobes, and other places where clothes are stored. These little critters are the ones who are responsible for the holes in all types of garments that are made from organic materials such as cotton, wool and silk.

The Silverfish is harmless to humans but yet a menace. Why’s that?

  • This insect loves moist and humid environments. Prefers to live in small cracks and crevices.
  • It can damage everything that is made from organic materials such as clothes, books, wall paper, fabric textiles and so on
  • They usually live up to 3 years unless you end up trampling them or call us to help you eradicate them. 3 years gives them plenty of time and material to damage belongings
  • They also feed on the paper lining found in plaster bound walls

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