Got a Mouse Problem in Beechworth? No need to panic, just get a mice exterminator Beechworth expert!

mice-control-BeechworthIf you are experiencing problems with mice, then you should act as soon as you notice the signs. Mice breed extremely quick, with a female mouse giving birth to up to 80 mice in a year. These home-invading rodents can cause significant damage to your property. Like eating through insulation and electrical wiring for instance. In some cases, mice can also be a threat to your health.

Тurn to Cantips Pest Control in Beechworth and let the mice control experts handle the situation. We use the latest professional pest eradication methods and equipment to identify, assess, and deal with mice infestations.

The four most common situations that mice are potentially a problem in Beechworth homes:

  • Food is spoiled and droppings are found in food cupboards pantry area, or cupboards under sink. These are the most common places for mice.
  • Physical activity such as a mouse being seen darting across a room and disappearing into a small gap, behind furniture or an appliance is also a clear indication.
  • When items and personal belongings are in storage areas, sub-floors, garages and sheds can become infested by mice, often shredding the contents for nesting materials and staining areas leaving an obnoxious smell.
  • Noises and scratching heard in roof areas, in walls, and often from beneath the floor, can often indicate a fairly substantial mouse infestation.

In all these situations Cantips Pest Control can provide a fast, safe and effective solution to quickly and effectively eliminate the existing problem and give ongoing protection against future infestations.