Termite Inspection Wodonga

Looking to buy a property? Looking for termite inspection Wodonga service ?

Let us carry out a comprehensive inspection of the property you are considering before you sign the dotted line. We will provide a comprehensive report that will help you make an informed decision.

Cantips Pest Control is a trusted termite inspection Wodonga service. For over 10 years, we have been protecting Wodonga homes from termite infestations. Our termite inspection specialists make use of proven techniques to identify termites and eliminate all termite infestations securely.

What to Expect from a Termite Inspection?

Termite Inspection WodongaOur termite inspection Wodonga team will carry out a thermal inspection for a complete report about the pest infestation in your property. We will thoroughly inspect your home including the roof cavity, the subfloors and garage.

We provide a comprehensive report detailing all the inspected areas, the termite species found if any, and a quote for termite removal service.

Inspections Backed by Latest Technology

We highly recommend thermal inspections over the traditional method of visual inspection. A visual inspection is not thorough when there’s furniture involved. There’s no way the pest inspector can gain access to areas blocked by furniture.

Equipped with telescopic extenders, our termite inspection Wodonga expert can provide an accurate report. We will place the termite radar in hard to reach areas to pick up vibrations from termites.

With our thermal inspection, our termite inspection Wodonga team will identify accurately, the entry points used by termites to gain entry into your home. This way, we can treat the infestation and also set up a barrier to prevent infestations in future.

Whether you are buying a new home, or are bugged by a termite infestation in your current, hire Cantips Pest Control immediately for a thorough termite inspection.

Contact us today for accurate inspections from our termite inspection Wodonga team. Call Cantips Pest Control on 0499 002 361 or 0409 715 244