Termite Inspection Albury

One out of four homes in Australia is affected by termites. A termite inspection is essential when you are looking to buy a new home. It will identify any termite infestation that could be damaging the property. If you are considering a property for purchase, contact Cantips Pest Control.

Our termite inspection Albury team will provide a comprehensive termite inspection report.

With a professional termite inspection report, you can determine if the property is worth investing in. We will provide a comprehensive report that will detail infestations if any, as well as information about past infestations.

Our Termite Inspections

Termite Inspection AlburyOur termite inspection Albury team will thoroughly inspect your property to identify any potential termite threat to your property, as well as whether they are already present in your home or nearby.

Termites breed on weak wood and eat them away. Our termite inspection Albury experts will identify any loss of integrity in any of the timber structures. This will help you decide if you should invest in the property.

Our Report

  • We will report pest activity, and loss of structural integrity in roof cavity, subfloor, home interiors and any exterior spaces such as external buildings.
  • We will identify potential threats that could cause termite infestations in future
  • A comprehensive history of all timber pest treatments carried out in the property
  • Recommendations for next steps

Why Choose Us

  • Over 10 years of experience in termite inspections and termite removal
  • All our termite inspection Albury reports are standardised and comply with the Australian Standard 4349.3
  • All inspections carried out professionally by termite experts
  • We use latest thermal equipment for accurate results
  • Affordable and transparent pricing

Contact Cantips Pest Control today to book your termite inspection. Our termite inspection Albury experts will be at your doorstep quickly.